RDA: Make Dispositions Easier!

RDA was built from the ground up to make it easy for users to sign-off on records as well as to reduce the time it takes for Records Managers to process the records once they receive the approvals.

EMLC: Think International!

EMLC (the Multilingual Module for OpenText Content Server / GCdocs) improves productivity and risk mitigation by improving the user experience, collaboration and regulatory compliance in organizations dealing in multiple languages.

CONTENT PREVIEWER feature allows users to view almost any content in their own language.

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Cassia Productivity Suite!

The Cassia Productivity Suite was created to provide OpenText Content Server / GCdocs customers greater flexibility with their implementations. For example: Location-based privileges: Choose not only who can create items (e.g. folders), but WHERE they can create them!

NEW! xECM Integration with EMLC!

Leverage and synchronize your multilingual metadata from your xECM source cleanly and automatically with our EMLC add-on for OpenText Extended ECM!


Proud OpenText Silver Technology Partner

Fully endorsed by OpenText, our OpenText Translator for Content Suite Platform by Cassia is available as a 3rd party product to be sold by OpenText under their Silver Technology Party Partner Program.

Our Multilingual Module for OpenText Content Server / GCdocs is available for purchase through OpenText as part of the Content Suite (please quote SKU# 1000021712.)

As always, our goal remains the same and that is to assist our customers, OpenText staff and other OpenText Partners to help their customers benefit from a fully multilingual EIM platform.

News / Events

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Leadership Team

The Cassia Management Team is made up of former OpenText staff whose Technical expertise and extensive Customer experiences drive corporate innovation.

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